2018 Junior Miss Application

2018 Little Miss Contestant Application

2018 Junior Miss & Little Miss Logan County Fair

Junior Miss Pageant Director – Katie Gosda
Little Miss Pageant Director – Ali Sherren

General Rules & Contract

  1. Contestant must be a U.S. Citizen and have been a resident of Logan County, Illinois for a minimum of six months prior to the pageant date.
  2. Little Miss candidate must be at least five and no older than seven years of age by the pageant date.
  3. Junior Miss candidate must be at least eleven and no older than thirteen years of age by the pageant date.
  4. Contestant must have been born female and have always been a female, per rules and regulations of the Illinois State Fair Queen Pageant.
  5. Each little miss contestant will have a two minute personal interview with judges worth 75% of her overall score.  She will also appear on stage and share basic information about herself, worth 25% of her overall score.
    Each junior miss contestants will have a four minute interview with the judges who reside outside of Logan County, worth 60% of her overall score.  She will also appear on stage for a dance and share basic information, worth 25% of her overall score. And, she will answer a pop question on stage, worth 15% of her overall score.
  6. We will be giving six award presentations:  Little/Junior Miss Logan County, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up, Miss Photogenic (based on the professional headshot taken during practice), Crowd’s Choice Award (based on the contestant with the largest amount of monetary value she receives in her container the evening of the Pageant), and Most Raffle Tickets Sold.
    All monetary proceeds, raised from contestants, will be used to help fund the Logan County Fair Queen Pageants.
  7. The Crowd’s Choice donation buckets will be available at the main grand stand entrance the evening of the pageant only.
  8. Contestants are required to sell 40 raffle tickets. The money secured will be used to pay for awards that will be given the evening of the pageant.
  9. Whoever is chosen as Little/Junior Miss Logan County must be able to attend next year’s pageant to relinquish her crown.
  10. Contestants are to wear a dress, NO pageant dresses allowed! A sundress or Sunday church dress is fine. Allowed accessories are: small hair adornments and jewelry. Cowboy boots, flip flops, gloves, hats, and large jewelry are not allowed. Hose and/or make-up optional.
  11. No additional contestants will be accepted after the deadline.
  12. The girl chosen may be asked to attend various events throughout the year such as parades, kid’s day at the fair, scrambles, etc… They are all optional events and at the discretion of the director.
  13. There must be approval by the pageant director before attending any event representing Logan County.
  14. Parent/Guardian supervision as well as a pageant chaperone is required at all times while attending any event representing Logan County.
  15. Parental consent must be obtained by all legal parents in order for the contestant to participate in the pageant.
  16. Every contestant in the pageant will receive a gift for her participation.
  17. Once all applications are received we will be selecting a lottery of 15 Little Miss contestants and 12 Junior Miss contestants to compete.
  18. We will hold a drawing of names and a mandatory informational meeting for only parents/guardians to attend.
  19. If you have been chosen to compete in the Little/Junior Miss pageant there will be a required entry fee of $35.00.
  20. Little/Junior Miss Logan County Fair, 1st Runner-Up, 2nd Runner-Up, along with the announcement of the Miss Photogenic, Crowd’s Choice, and Most Raffle Tickets Sold will be presented on stage, the evening of the pageant.
  21. Admission into the fair will be free for the contestant only.
  22. Parents of the contestant agree that the personal data on the pageant application is correct and authorize the use of the contestant’s name, professional photographs and all pageant paperwork completed by the parent to be used for publicity purposes for the pageant.
  23. Parents of the contestant agree that the time, manner and method of conducting and judging the pageant shall be the sole discretion of the pageant officials and that the discretion of the judges shall be final.
  24. Any grievances or objections to the pageant will be referred to the Pageant Director of the Logan County Fair Association.



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