2020 Miss Contestant Packet
General Rules & Contract

Pageant Director – Bethany Rademaker Cell: 217-828-0804
Email: logancountyfairqueen@gmail.com

1.Contestant must be a U.S. Citizen and have been a resident of Logan County, Illinois for a minimum of six months prior to the pageant date.

2.Contestant must be a minimum of sixteen years of age by the pageant date and not have reached her twenty-second birthday by January 1st of the following year.

3.Contestant must be single; never have been married, divorced or had a marriage annulled; never have been pregnant and cannot be an adoptive parent to a child.

4.Contestant must have been born female and have always been a female, per the rules and regulations of the Illinois State Fair Queen Pageant.

5.Contestant must not be on probation or have been arrested, incarcerated or convicted of a felony offense.

6.Contestant will not partake of alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or other dangerous chemicals regardless of the route of consumption.

7.Contestant must be of good moral character, please ask for clarification; has never performed any act or engaged in any activity or employment that is or could be characterized as immoral or indecent.

8.Former County Fair Queens who have competed for the title of Miss Illinois County Fair are not eligible to participate.

9.Contestant agrees to appear on stage in a one-piece swimsuit and an evening gown, and agrees to present a speech up to 60 seconds in length; contestant will also be personally interviewed in business professional attire by the judges. All clothing must be viewed and approved by the directors prior to the pageant.

  • Swimsuit must be one-piece, solid color and should fit well. Swimsuits with plunging necklines or too high on the hips are not allowed; pads to increase bust size are not permitted. If the swimsuit is questionable, the contestant will be requested to change it.
  • Evening gowns are to be floor length.

10.Contestant will limit themselves to one piercing in each ear lobe. All other visible piercings must be removed or covered.

11.All visible tattoos must be covered with clothing or body make-up.

12.No additional contestants will be accepted after the deadline.

13.Contestants are required to attend all of the rehearsals and workshops unless excused, in advance, by the pageant director.

14.Contestants are required to secure $100 in donations which will be placed in the pageant fund and used by the newly selected queen for expenses accrued throughout her reign.

15.Contestants are required to sell 50 raffle tickets. The money secured will be used to pay for awards that will be given the evening of the pageant.

16.Contestants are prohibited from displaying, communicating and/or providing or having knowledge of inappropriate language, materials or photographs on internet/web sites including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Personal Blogs. Contestant attests that any and all online depictions associated with the contestant name or likeness are consistent with the standards and dignity of the Logan County Fair Queen Pageant.

17.The Contestant agrees that the time, manner and method of conducting and judging the pageant shall be solely within the discretion of the officials and that the decision of the judges shall be final.

18.The Contestant agrees that the personal data on the pageant application is correct and authorizes the use of the contestant’s name, professional photographs and all pageant paperwork completed by the contestant to be used for publicity purposes for the pageant.

19.The Queen will be chosen and crowned the night of the pageant. No preliminary contest will be held unless deemed necessary by the Pageant Director.

20.Admission into the fair will be free for the contestant only.

21.The newly selected queen will serve as hostess for the Logan County Fair; represent the Fair at the Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant in January the following year and crown the next Miss Logan County Fair Queen.

22.Prerequisites and duties of the newly selected queen will be:

  • The Queen will abide by all the contestant rules as stated previously.
  • The Queen will not participate in or represent any other judged pageant during her reign with the exception of the Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant.
  • The Queen will represent the Logan County Fair at as many other area pageants and other functions as deemed necessary by the director.
  • The Queen will be chaperoned by a Pageant Director or by a chaperone approved by the Director at all times while she is representing the Logan County Fair.
  • The Queen must furnish the registration application for the State Pageant to the Pageant Director before September 15th.
  • The Queen will present trophies, ribbons and assist in drawings during the Fair. She will appear in appropriate attire (crown and sash). She will also take part in other public relations activities deemed necessary by the Pageant Director.
  • The Queen will be required to attend the Governor’s Luncheon at the Illinois State Fair and the Central Zone Meeting of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs.
  • The Queen will be required to attend the Logan County Fair Appreciation Banquet.
  • The Queen will be required to help secure the prizes for the next year’s queen.
  • The Queen will be required to attend a 6:30am meeting the morning after the pageant with a parent/guardian to sign the year contract.

23.All personal appearances as Miss Logan County Fair shall be approved in advance by the Pageant Director; as well as any photographic sessions and pictures released as the role of Miss Logan County Fair Queen.

If the newly selected queen cannot fulfill all of the expressed duties or violates any rule set forth for a candidate, she will relinquish her title, crown and all prizes upon the direction of the Pageant Director. The first runner-up will then be eligible for the title.

Any grievances or objections to the pageant will be referred to the Pageant Director of the Logan County Fair Association.

For further questions notify Bethany Rademaker at 217-828-0804.